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Just to get the ball rolling...

In November I adopted Lucy a tabby/tortie mix from the local no-kill shelter. I was imidiately drawn to her because her lenses looked as though they were vibrating... and because she didn't exactly have a chin...
The woman running the shelter explained that Lucy had glaucoma, a disorder that causes pressure to build up in the eye and may eventually cause blindness if not treated. I too have this disorder (and at 22, it is kind of a bitch). I knew I had to have Lucy based on this shared problem, and the fact that she really freaks my mom out.
Lucy must take eye drops every night, she is pretty good about it. She doesn't chew her food because, as it turns out, she has an extreme over bite. She sort of just shovels and swallows...
Lucy also has this weird thing about having her back touched... When you scratch her back, she writhes around and makes faces, but doesn't try to get away or bite.
Aside from being a little ugly and fucked up, she is a really sweet cat, I swear. Here is a rather flattering pic of her with her favorite toy:

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